Every Story is a Fairytale ... Even the wicked ones.

Rewritten Fairytales

"Romance Aimed at your Heart."

Bestselling Author of the  Unforgettable Series.

 "Romance with a Lethal Twist."

 Bestselling Author of the Knights Series & more.

"Sealed with a Kiss."

Author of the Tailor Novels.

Sonya Jesus

Clare Lesbriel

Autumn Archer

Our team


Tasha Lewis

"Romance Author."

Award Winning Author of the Crossed Series.

"Nerdy, Flirty, & a Touch of Heart." 

Author of the Gamer Boy Novels.

"The Rousing Romantic."

Author of the Arousing Series.

Lauren Helms

Modern Princess Collection

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Cam Johns

"Romance Author."

Author of the Westland Series.

Lynn Stevens 

Coming May 2020

All standalone with an HEA.

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